How To Install Poppy Red Composite Doors & Skypod Roof Lanterns

Is Poppy Red The New Colour ?

A skypod roof lantern, also known as sky windows, are energy efficient skylight features that will take your roof design to the next level, especially if you have Poppy Red composite doors . They will take that boring flat roof and turn it into a beautiful, contemporary design that is stylish, sleek and will brighten up any home with minimal energy costs. Benefits of Skypods are that they create an excellent design focal point, add dimension and make small rooms seem larger. They are low maintenance and can be used for any size room.

Poppy Red composite doors

How To Install Composite Doors

Skypods will flood your home with natural lighting and allow you to cut down on your electricity costs. Have a stargazer in your family? Skypods will allow you to view the beautiful night sky and all of its wonders right from the comfort of your own home. A  skypod roof can add a beautiful design element that is low maintenance and will have all of your friends and neighbours talking, without being something that you will have to be regularly cleaning. They will not get dingy looking like traditional skylights do, either.

Will A Skypod Roof Make A Room Look Bigger ?

Skypods add height to the room, so if you have a small room in your home, adding a skypod will make that small room look bigger without having to tear down walls or add on to your
house, and it will do so at a fraction of the cost of a significant remodel,
and in a much smaller time frame.

skypod roof

Are Skypods Expensive ?

Adding a skypod roof will also add value to your home, because it is a design element that not everyone has, so it makes your home more unique and desirable, adding to its resale value. This is something to take into consideration if you see yourself wanting to move into a different house at some point in the future. The potential for a return on your investment in the skypod between energy savings and resale value is there. So go ahead and check out your options for getting a skypod installed in your home today.

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