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We know this….. Looking for cheap pet id tags is nothing but a headache!

So why are they all of a sudden so important?

In a word….



Cheap Pet ID Tags are the BEST way to reduce the chances of losing your pet!


Cheap Pet Id Tags
Cheap Pet Id Tags


And here’s why…..

  1. They’re Cheap! (and if you use the vendor below… they’re free!)
  2. They’re Fast. (Usually delivered to the door within 72 hours of purchase)
  3. They Look GREAT!
  4. There is huge variety.
  5. They can be engraved! – This is a biggie! (and if you use the vendor below… that too is free!)
  6. They can be used as identification. (Good in cases of law and when they go missing)
  7. They can contain useful information for getting your dog back if they go missing
  8. They can help anybody who sees your lost dog in the streets get your dog back to you!
  9. You can buy them as a present for your dog or somebody else who has one
  10. Most of the time they last a life-time and only need buying once!

And that’s just the top 10 reasons!

For more reasons check out this article by the New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/01/smarter-living/5-cheap-ish-things-every-new-pet-owner-needs.html

But, more important than any of those is this….

That sickening feeling you get at the bottom of your stomach after finding out your dog is missing….

Happens no more!


Engraving your cheap pet id tags will keep your pet safe!


And we only recommend one vendor to get your tags from!

These guys are incredible and are currently running a FREE + SHIPPING offer!

That means all the tags in this collection are 100% free!

What’s even more insane……

It comes with free engraving too!

Simply cover the cost of shipping and handling your product….

And these beautiful cheap pet dog id tags will be at your door in no time!

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